PROBLEM-BASED LEARNING in East Africa brings together multidisciplinary student teams from four universities to develop sustainable solutions to community challenges in 2017–2020.


Wege Prize 2019 Winners

PBL East Africa student team from Makerere university is among the winners of international student design competition Wege prize 2019.
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‘An active community is the most important element of a successful co-working space’

Students explored co-working and innovation culture in Uganda as a part of this year’s PBL East Africa projects. Their findings are applied in campus development – and beyond.
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Student perspectives from the PBL East Africa Faculty workshop in Kampala

The third PBL East Africa faculty workshop was held in Kampala from 20th to 26th of October 2018. All four partner university members joined to discuss PBL approaches and to organize workshop sessions. I was part of the faculty workshop as an Aalto student mentor, joining the opening panel discussion and organizing peer-to peer-mentoring...
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Latest student projects

January-May 2019

Horizontal flow constructed wetlands
Makerere team and Aalto SGT team, Uganda

January-May 2019

UoN Innovation Fellowship team and Aalto IDBM team, Kenya

January-May 2019

UDSM Dar es Salaam municipality team and Aalto CS/SSE team, Tanzania


The project is funded by the HEI ICI Programme by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland, and facilitated by Aalto Global Impact, which promotes Aalto University’s research and educational programmes for societal impact globally.