Problem-Based Learning in

South Asian Universities

PBL South Asia develops best practices in problem-based education as a joint initiative between ten universities that are located in Finland, India, Nepal, Bhutan, the Netherlands and Lithuania.

Picture: Carles Martinez

PBL as a way to increase multidisciplinary collaborations

Srijana Gajmer, faculty from the Electronics and Communication Engineering Department in JNEC, Bhutan tells us her impressions about PBL in teaching and learning.
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PBL SA Partners infront of  Indian Institute of Technology, Mumbai
PBL as an approach to build trust and raise awareness in Bhutan

Student teams conducted a case study focusing on sustainable approaches to landfilling in the municipal landfill Matanga in Samdrup Jongkhar.

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Mini Dissemination event in Nepal

Nepali HEIs in cooperation with IISc Bangalore, Aalto University and TU Delft conducted a mini dissemination event in Nepal. 
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Strengthen the capacity of partner HEIs in Nepal, Bhutan and India and contribute to local innovation ecosystems
• In Nepal and Bhutan, embed PBL content into existing project courses and/or establish new courses.
• In India, influence national educational content development.
Integrate themes of sustainable development, social responsibility and human rights into educational practice through PBL.
Consolidate best practices in PBL, from East and West, and create synergy between local design and innovation goals and global business and innovation contexts.

Picture: Carles Martinez

Project activities

A detailed list of project activities can be found here.

Aalto University
Riina Subra
Avinash Dhital

Indian Institute of Technology Bombay
Venkata Santosh Kumar Delhi
Nepal Engineering College
Durgaprasad Bhandari
Asian Institute of Technology & Management
Lena Sthapit
Kathmandu University
Diwakar Bista
Royal University of Bhutan
Andu Dukpa

Delft University of Technology
Jan-Carel Diehl
Kaunas University of Technology
Laura Jankauskaitė-Jurevičienė
Sagarmatha Engineering College
Ramesh Kumar Shrestha

Indian Institute of Science Bangalore
Shakuntala Acharya

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